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Momentum is a beautiful, flexible design built especially for photographers and designers who are ready to take their work front and center. With this template, you have the option of showcasing your portfolio with the cinematic full-bleed image display, or preserving the original resolution and visual integrity with the centered image display. You can add information for each image, video, or project to add context to your galleries. Momentum is also our first multi-index template, created for folks that have multiple projects or galleries that they’d like to share. The index view shows all of your galleries with aspect-correct thumbnails, so that visitors can scroll through your work on one page, without interruption.

Two Display Modes for Galleries

You can select stunning, full-bleed images in your galleries. Or, if you need the entire image viewable, you can set them to display centered.


Title and Description Display

If you set a title and/or description for an individual image in a gallery, an icon will appear in the upper right which will display the info next to the image.


Thumbnails for All Your Galleries

Clicking the grid icon in the title bar will show thumbnails for all the images in all your galleries—all your images are accessible from any gallery.


Other notable options

Gallery Navigation

Simple (just an arrow) or Circle (an arrow with a circle background).

Page Title/Description

Toggles the display of the page title/description.

Navigation Position

Bottom pr Top. Sets the location for the navigation/title.

Page Background Image

Set a background image for non-gallery pages.

Page Width

Set the width for the content area on non-gallery pages.